the ultimate marketing checklist

Have you ever wondered why your marketing strategy is NOT working? ūü§Ē
Discover what needs to be replaced and adjusted in order to create a highly-converting social media strategy.


Get in on 'The Ultimate Marketing Checklist': uncover in straight forward tips what your business needs to attract more clients 

As an entrepreneur, you get caught up with working in your business instead of on your business. You've created your social media handles, have a website and even built an email list!


But you can't shake off the feeling that you might be missing something ūü§Ē
Something is not working.


Which of these applies to your business?:

ūüĎÄ You have a few hundred impressions¬†on your Instagram but no new followers?


ūüĎÄ You have a beautiful website but no one books discovery calls?


ūüĎÄ You are pinning on Pinterest every day but no clicks to your website?

Makes you want to give up on marketing all together right?


"If I can't even figure out this social media thing, am I even cut out to be an entrepreneur?"

"This is so frustrating. I just suck at marketing!"


Sounds familiar?


There is a MUCH easier way for you to do marketing.¬†It's probably just a few tweaks and off you go ūüöÄ


Are you excited to have high-converting social media platforms?


I've created something just for YOU:

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist helps you analyze ALL your social media platforms and website while giving you organized steps to improve your marketing strategy without paying for an expert

Social media marketing doesn't have to be complicated

Imagine this: 


ūüéČ People land on your Instagram and easily hit the 'follow' button.
ūüéČ They buy from your website because it is optimized to convert.
ūüéČ You create content for a week in just one hour because you KNOW what works.


You finally know how every social media platform works and what's important to tweak. 
You're having fun with analyzing your efforts because you know that every action step will bring you more cash. 


The days of not knowing if your marketing is working are over!


In this mini-course, I will help you optimize your social media platforms to attract your ideal clients and easily make more sales!


I give you easy and transparent tips on what I check when performing a marketing audit.

After 6 years and 200+ audits, I know exactly what is important for all the major social media platforms + how to optimize your website so when you create more traffic, you're making sales!


 You get LIFETIME access to all the content because this process is SO important in every phase of your business.
(I recommend you review your marketing efforts every 6 months!)


What is included in 'The Ultimate Marketing Checklist'


7 checklists for every marketing platform


So you can easily check if everything is set up correctly AND create an action plan to improve your marketing efforts

Included platforms:
Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Facebook Profile, LinkedIn, Pinterest and your website



Step-by-Step Training Videos


3+ hours of videos including step-by-step tips and recommendations for every social media platform. 

The videos include every marketing tip I've ever given that have resulted in more income, more impact and more fun. 


All videos are under 30 minutes as I believe in action rather than more information! No boring bla bla, but tips you can implement RIGHT away. 


Actual real life examples


Want to see a website audit in action so you can follow along and know how to apply it for your own brand?


YES! You'll be able to see and hear how my brain works when I review marketing efforts of clients. 

+ every month I pick a winner for a review that will be made available for all students to learn from 

(You'll have chance for a marketing review from me!)



Lifetime access + BONUS content


Refer to all slides, information and exercises anytime!


Doing regular checks are important and this course will be relevant for years to come!

BONUS: The Ultimate #Hashtags e-book for Instagram with a list of pre-selected hashtags for different industries



$27 / ‚ā¨22



You'll get: 


‚úĒ 8 Training Videos for every marketing platform + website

‚úĒ ¬†7 checklists for easy implementation

‚úĒ ¬†Examples¬†done by Stephanie

‚úĒ ¬†Lifetime access to all materials, slides and workbooks

‚úĒ ¬†BONUS: Ultimate #hastag guide for Instagram

Hi, let's connect!

I'm Stephanie

Business and marketing unicorn who loves helping brands with their own strategy ‚ú®

I’m a business coach and mentor and I’ve been guiding driven entrepreneurs with their own marketing strategy for the past +6 years. 


I’ve have done over 230 marketing audits in the past years with my marketing agency and I can spot what isn't working in 12 seconds!
I compiled all my knowledge and experience in this mini course to help you optimize your marketing efforts. I've built all my businesses with online marketing and easily attract my clients (no pushy sales for me!)


I've been doing all of this while traveling full-time exploring the beauty the world has to offer. I know what the first impression can do for your business and this mini-course is going to help you make a lasting one. 

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100% money back guarentee

In all the years of doing marketing audits I didn't have a client who didn't get at least 3 useful tips from my trainings.
So I can promise you with all my heart that if you don't get at least a few insights and tips I'll pay you back. 

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