Deep Dive Session


What if you could ...

✔️ get clarity from all the distracting thoughts in your head

✔️ find alignment with your mission and truly embody it

✔️ determine the next phase for your impactful business 

✔️ pinpoint action steps that bring you closer to your goal

✔️ do marketing YOUR way with ease

✔️ get insight in your limiting patterns as an entrepreneur

✔️  attract more clients - being a magnet and not a pusher



...all in just 90 minutes?


Deep dive into your business and yourself with me. You owe it to yourself to go all-in.

You are here for a reason! 



Why should I book a deep dive for my business?

Prepare to...

  • Gain clarity

    ...on what might be missing with your strategy and approach? Who knows?


    This might be the final key to unlocking the business you were always meant to have 

  • Get aligned action steps

    ...on how you can go from stuck in your business to alignment. 

    We can work on your marketing strategy, clarifying your message, price setting, scaling online, or auditing your social media channels.

    It's all up to you!

  • Get my undivided attention I pinpoint the areas in your mindset, routine, marketing, foundations and business that you can untangle and improve for a more impactful business


Think of this deep dive as a quick but

 intensive zing of inspired action 

that is MUCH needed for your business 


Are you done with playing small? 

Do you know that so much more is possible for you, but you aren't sure on what the next step is? 


This deep dive session will give you focus, ignite your mission and you'll feel confident in your next steps. 



Here’s the thing though:


Spots are limited

I  only take on FOUR (4) mission-driven entrepreneurs per month



Better book a deep dive session today if you want my eyes on your business!




Tuesday or Thursday


Click the button below to find out how many spots are open this month. 

The average waiting time is 2 - 3 weeks.

I LOVED my deep dive with Stéphanie! Last year I took part in one of her one-off mastermind sessions and I felt an instant click with her energy and approach.

So when I got stuck with where to put my focus in my business and music, my gut feeling told me she would be the right person to talk to. And that was 100% true! The call was exactly what I hoped for, both very deep and practical. I felt seen and understood who I am and what I came here to do. What I love about Stéphanie is that she's really good at holding space for people on a deep level as well at giving very practical (marketing) guidance on how to take action on your vision. That combination is gold! She really helps you to get clear on how to do things in YOUR unique way, and that is such a breath of fresh air (especially in this world full of marketing gurus who think they have the general blueprint for everyone!) Before the call, I was all over the place with my ideas and focus. Now I feel reconnected with my purpose again and much more inspired to bring my soul's work into the world. Yay! Thank you!​




Anja Kicken, Singer, Songwriter & Sales Copywriter


Deep dive session

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You can use this to reflect and get to the core of what you need (this is also where I’ll work my magic and create a detailed and aligned action plan with you!)

This is filled in with the booking of your session. 

Value-packed 90-minute video call with me

The call is completely tailored to your needs. Based on the answers in your questionnaire we'll get to the core of your business needs.

Be prepared to actually go deep; we'll look at your strategies, mindset, execution, current offers and systems. 


The guidance is next level!

You'll walk away with a dose of motivation, lots of ideas and a step-by-step process to implement. 

Full recording of

the video call

To repeat and review anytime and anywhere + access to my notes from before, during and after our session together.


I do a scan of your current business, offers and marketing. I see if you are in alignment easily and create a report for you. 


"So who's going to dive in my business?"

Meet Stephanie

Business and marketing unicorn who loves educating and helping entrepreneurs with their own strategy ✨

Hi you! So glad you landed on my little corner on the internet. I’m an online business and marketing coach/mentor and I’ve been guiding various companies and businesses with their own marketing strategy for the past four years. 


As a serial entrepreneur since I was 18, I know what it's like to build my own businesses while having a lot of other responsibilities. I came in contact with Human Design 4 years ago and it changed everything for me and my businesses. 


The past 5 years my partner and I have been living the digital nomad lifestyle. My core value is freedom, in life and business. I strive to do things easier! Your business and life can be easier. Let me help you! 


That’s not all though. Read my full story if you’d like to get to know me. (Who knows, we might be more alike than you think!)

I applied for a deep dive session with Stephanie because I felt it was time to take my marketing a step further. Although I know a number of people who work as a marketing coach, only Stephanie felt 'right' for me. She's not just going to recommend you do something just because it's what you do in the marketing world. Stephanie takes the time to get to know you in order to work with you to develop a strategy that suits you and your mission. What impressed me the most is how many ideas and concrete steps came up. And this just after one session! After the session, I felt super motivated, inspired and ready to get started! I recommend a Deep Dive Session to anyone who wants to grow their business! (Be prepared: You will be put to work!)




Laura Antonacci, HSP Coach & Psychologist 

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