You’re on a path to pursue a thriving business that feels light while creating an abundant income


And I see you. I see you putting in the work because you really want your business to be successful. 

I see the passion you pour into your business. I see your potential and the lengths you can go to serve others. 

And I see how you’ve been hustling hard the past few months doing all the things by yourself. 

You know deep, deep down that this is what you’re meant to do. 



But for some reason, you feel that things could be easier.


 What if I told you that you don’t have to…​


🤔 Hustle, hustle, hustle and work

yourself in to panic mode


🤔  Do ALL the things to market your business

and feel burned-out from following other people's "success formula"


🤔 Juggle 5 social media accounts and feel like a content robot
just to maybe attract some clients


🤔 Feel overwhelmed when creating a marketing strategy. Instead, you consume other people's content and try random things but you don't even know if they are working


🤔 Get frustrated with yourself because making decisions is hard and you have
no one to soundboard with




Passion and Profit without the overwhelm IS possible. 

The 🔑 key🔑 to unlocking your abundant & easy business?
Alignment with your unique talents + solution-focused mindset + strategy


In this 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring journey,

I’ll guide you through getting aligned with
the right business and marketing strategies for you



But more than that,

We’ll create a roadmap so you can keep expanding
on all levels with ease and truly step in your next level self 



I’m a personal believer that when you’re aware of your strengths

(and use them to your advantage), that’s when you’ll be able

to really build a business by design. YOUR design. 


This is a personal invitation to ditch the old business framework and play with the new paradigm.


Let me help you align with your unique business strategies with this framework:


Expect to get intensively personalized guidance to help you increase your visibility and magnetism for more clients

I’ll make sure that you achieve a balanced lifestyle, more freedom and create an impactful business by entirely basing this journey on your design, goals and personality.

  • Gain more confidence in your mission, sales and marketing so you'll attract your soul-aligned clients to you 

  • Get clarity on your unique systems and strategies to grow your business so you can ditch the one-size-fits-all business advice

  • Define or re-align your business model and offersuite in alignment to you and attract abundance with ease

  • Set your own action steps so you are working on your business instead of for your clients + get an accountability cheerleader (me!) who keeps you on track

  • Have a sounding board to pour out your ideas (+ get detailed & aligned advice in return every time!)

  • Gain a second set of eyeballs on all your (marketing) efforts and materials

But more than that, I give you the space to tap into and explore your own power. 


While you get the support you need, you’ll also get the kick in the butt to show up for your business and yourself. 


Together, we’ll carry your vision and see it come to life. 



The true investment is your time and effort! I only work with entrepreneurs who are ready to show up and take a look at themselves and their business.
This container asks for trust, allowance and a growth mindset.


This business alignment journey is a 16-week highly curated program just for you.


The journey starts at €1888 (ex. VAT)


Payment plans are available. Other currencies are accepted. 

During a discovery call, we determine which option works best for you. 

  • 16 weeks of diving deep in you & your business

    During this time, we'll tap into your personality, human design, flow and mindset and learn how to use it to your business’ advantage 

  • Intensive 1-on-1 sessions

    Each of our sessions will cater to your needs and will be recorded for you. We will work on any topic needed in order to move the needle in your business. 

  • Direct daily access to me

    Brief check ins to keep you on track.
    Find yourself stuck on something? Message me anytime!

  • Monthly review of materials

    You have access to reviews of your worksheets and materials. This is like having an in-house CMO (chief marketing officer) who can take your marketing to the next level. 

  • Courses and Templates

    You get access to all my previously created courses and templates as well as any new content during our time together. These resources will help you train new skills and help you in marketing, business strategies and mindset.

  • Project & business management

    I'll make sure to keep you accountable with regular follow-ups and creating systems so you can keep going even after our time together.



Before working with Stephanie, I didn't know how to do my marketing. I wasn't clear about my business, my ideal client and how to get sales. During our journey together, I became more visible on social media and learned a lot more about marketing. I also created an online festival with other speakers and sold +70 tickets!


I hosted the live festival (manifest), attracted co-hosts and switched from Human Design to inner work coaching with all my tools such as hypnosis etc. I also started to have fun with marketing and content creation. This way, I attracted new aligned clients with ease.


Merisa Gokhan | Innerwork Coach

Working with Stephanie helped me align with my unique human design. She gave actionable advice based on my unique design, and not some general strategy. This allowed me to intuitively lead, asking me yes/no questions, not telling me what to do (my 2 line would’ve rebelled lol). I appreciated her know-how, her non-emotional/grounded/calm/non-plussed energy. I didn’t need you to help me with mindset or journaling, we just got to the meat of it coming to the table with both our skill sets.


I got my first clients, became confident about showing up on Instagram and stepped into my role as a leader in my business.


Rebecca Joelle | Quantum Healer & Soul Coach

business coaching testimonial 3

Stephanie helped me gain clarity on Juffencoach and helped me see possibilities. Something I will always remember from our calls: I need to TEACH people that I SELL things. I also gained visibility online with a 300+ follower growth on Instagram in just 3 months! Working with Stephanie also helped me with creating a course and getting my first clients. I now feel more motivated & energetic and see myself more as an entrepreneur. 


Jasmijn G | Coach for teachers

Are we a match?

Meet Stephanie

What do you get when you mix a teaching background with a passion for entrepreneurship and years of experience as a social media consultant?


A business and marketing unicorn who's really invested in educating and helping entrepreneurs with their personal growth and business strategy, that is! ✨

Hi, my name is Stéphanie Smolders. I’m an online business and marketing coach/mentor and I’ve been guiding +200 entrepreneurs with their business and marketing strategies for the past five years. 


I know I'm not here to guide everyone and I want you to truly step into this container with trust and a similar set of values. 


I care a lot about my clients and their businesses. I'm a projector and crave to connect with you on an energetic level. This means I will be there during your highs and your lows. This journey is special to me and I expect you to be fully committed to your personal and business growth. 


I don't believe in copy/paste business advice. Based on your design, goals and personality, we will work closely together in achieving your desires. I started my first business at 18 and have tried and tested A LOT of strategies myself and with clients. It is my gift to guide you to your unique unicorn power and create a super magnetic business!


50% strategy + 50% magic. Over the years, I've been including more mindset work, human design, spiritual soul connection etc in my coaching combined with my extensive expertise in marketing and business strategies. I believe you both need the practical as the soul in your business. 


If you have read this far, I'm already excited about getting to know you! In order to work together, my requirement is that we have a no-strings-attached conversation first. You can apply for a discovery call if you feel we could be a match. 

What our time together will look like:

  • Discovery Call

    We have a no-strings attached discovery call to feel if we are a good match. Beforehand, you have filled in a questionnaire so we can get straight to the point. After this call you'll get my detailed personal proposal based on your desires and current challenges. 

  • Back-end Onboarding

    I have prepared your welcome to the unicorn party 🦄. This means paperwork, more questions (yep, I really want to know everything), creating a client portal and researching your brand and industry. 

  • 2 hour deep dive & onboarding session

    We are officially starting our journey together. I have done a business and marketing audit for you, a human design reading and prepared deep questions. This is the kick-off where we create the game plan for the upcoming 16 weeks together.

  • Strategic and Alignment sessions

    Feel seen, heard and strategically supported by a marketing strategist, business coach and projector with 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience. 


    You determine the pace and what we work on. Some examples of previous clients: productivity, utilizing human design in business, strategizing upcoming launches, creating funnels, hiring a team member, redesign of offer suite, price setting, refreshing brand foundation, website design, marketing strategy, Facebook ads, and more (it all depends on what you want to work on!)


    You also get continuous support as you can chat with me anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

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